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Nobody wants to be involved in an accident, but unfortunately they do happen. Then there is the headache of getting your Volkswagen repaired after an accident, let the Volkswagen Repairs specialists handle it.

Getting Your Volkswagen Back To It's Best

To help make the whole experience a little less stressful, put your trust in Eblen Collision Repair – a Volkswagen Approved Accident Repairer.
Volkswagen Approved Accident Repairers are factory accredited, trained to return your Volkswagen to its pre-accident condition, and to ensure the reliability, quality and safety of your Volkswagen is not compromised during the repair process.

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You Deserve A Premium Repair

With Eblen Collision Repairs, you get the following benefits:

  • Skilled Volkswagen Repairs – to be a Volkswagen Approved Accident Repairer means we are trained in factory repair methods and quality assured processes to ensure the highest quality of workmanship for your Volkswagen. We also receive ongoing factory technical support to ensure we’re kept abreast of the latest repair methods.
  • Genuine Parts – only Volkswagen Genuine Parts® are used in accident repair work, you can have the comfort that your Volkswagen will drive, function and protect you and your loved ones the way it was intended.
  • Factory Monitoring – it takes a lot for a repairer to be accredited as a Volkswagen Approved Accident Repairer, but the hard work doesn’t stop there. We’re regularly assessed to ensure that Volkswagen’s high standards are maintained. This means you get only the highest level of repair work and service.

We Only Use Genuine Parts

We ensure the integrity of your Volkswagen is not compromised by non-genuine parts which can’t necessarily promise the same quality and safety attributes.
Remember, ensure your insurance policy includes a “choice of repairer” option so you get to choose the best repairer and avoid non-genuine parts and repair methods.

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We'll Do It All For You

Remember – it’s your car, it’s your choice. When it comes to hassle free, premium quality collision repairs, at Eblens, we’ll do it all for you!
We are a Suburu Certified Collision Repairer, having your Volkswagen repaired by Certified Collision Repairers will ensure the highest standard of safety, performance and retained value for your vehicle. We use Genuine Parts and maintain warranty.

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