If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident it is important that you know what to do. Contact us immediately with any questions you have to get started.

Towing your vehicle – If your vehicle is damaged to the point of needing to be towed, a tow truck will be dispatched by the Government Registered Towing Roster (can be contacted on 08 8231 5555) you just need to ask for your vehicle to be towed to our workshop… IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO HAVE YOUR VEHICLE TOWED TO A REPAIRER OF YOUR CHOICE.

Police – A collision is required to be reported to a police officer by a driver involved in a collision if real or personal property (other than an animal) is destroyed or damaged, except where:

  • (a) the only property destroyed or damaged is property owned by the driver; or
  • (b) a fair estimate of the cost of making good the damage to property is less than $3,000.

A Collision is defined as:

  • (a) a collision between 2 or more vehicles; or
  • (b) any other accident or incident involving a vehicle in which a person is killed or injured, property is damaged, or an animal in someone’s charge is killed or injured.

A Vehicle includes:

  • (a) a motor vehicle, trailer and tram;
  • (b) a bicycle;
  • (c) an animal-drawn vehicle, and an animal that is being ridden or drawing a vehicle;
  • (d) a combination; and
  • (e) a motorised wheel-chair that can travel at over 10 kilometres per hour (on level ground); but does not include another kind of wheelchair, a train, or a wheeled recreational device or wheeled toy.

To report a collision online please click here (https://www.reportacrash.police.sa.gov.au/ )