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From the moment you have a vehicle accident we are here for you. From skilled and courteous staff to assist in lodging any kind of insurance claim; highly experienced technicians to work on your vehicle, giving you the peace of mind that your car is in the best hands; to onsite hire vehicles and a free drop off and pick up service, we can help manage the entire process of your vehicle repairs to ensure it is as stress free as possible. Just call our friendly staff for all your vehicle repair needs.

Located at 240 Brighton Road, Somerton Park, our new state-of-the-art purpose built facilities are aimed at meeting our clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations.

Our goal is to minimize the stress and inconvenience of having a car accident. From assistance with lodging your claim, to skilled and experienced technicians providing the highest quality, guaranteed, repairs to your vehicle, to onsite hire cars and a drop off/pick up service…

Eblens. We’ll do it all for you.

10 Tips For Driving In Wet Conditions

10 tips for driving in wet conditionsThe cold and wet weather in winter can create some challenging conditions for driving, so it’s important for motorists to adopt a ‘wet weather attitude’. Here’s a quick list of things you can do to help keep you and your family safe during inclement weather.

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Quality Full Vehicle Re-sprays

This is a 2018 Honda Civic being resprayed here at our in-house facility at Eblen Collision. In the video you can see the clear being applied to the roof.

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Install A Reversing Camera To Prevent An Incident

Huyundai Crash Repairs Adelaide

The rear end of this Hyundai is an example of a classic “blind spot” incident. We see collisions such as this on a regular basis and many of them could have been easily avoided with the use of either reversing sensors or cameras.

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Guide On Preparing Your Car For A Driving Holiday!

Wishing You A Safe & Happy Easter!

Wishing You A Safe & Happy Easter!

Eblen Collision wish you all a Safe & Happy Easter!!

Be sure to take caution on the roads during this busy period.

For those about to embark on a trip, here is a helpful link to the RAA Safety tips and important areas to check on your vehicle prior departure.


Kangaroo Road Accidents On The Rise

Kangaroo Road Accidents On The RiseHave you ever been involved in an accident involving wildlife before? Had a near miss with Australia’s iconic hopping marsupial? You’re definitely not alone. Read More >    

Anything Can Happen, Anytime, Anywhere

Suzuki Hire Car Destroyed By Emergency Vehicle Lucky escape for one of our young apprentice painters today after an emergency vehicle failed to give way at a notoriously dangerous Byre avenue intersection, tagging the back corner of our little Suzuki and spearing it into a stobie pole.   Read More >    

 Eblen Collision Repairs wish to share this Good News Story

Dario and Cori at Eblen Collision RepairThe words right place, right time certainly ring true for job seeker Cori Roberts, who was referred to Maxima by Baptist Care, Inner South office. Baptist Care work tirelessly to help South Australians achieve their full potential. They are committed to working with the State’s most disadvantaged, championing local issues and connecting with people to enable positive change.   Read More >

Late Model Toyota Corolla Repairs

Progress shots of a Toyota Corolla the team repaired here at Eblen Collision Repairs!!

Progress shots of a Toyota Corolla the team repaired here at Eblen Collision Repairs!!

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