Subaru Smash Repairers in Adelaide

The work our Subaru smash repairers can do in Adelaide Eblens have been in the automotive industry for decades and although our journey began with Volkswagen in the early days, the Eblen name became synonymous with Subaru when our crash shop operated in conjunction with a Subaru dealership. Since our companies inception, we have repaired more subarus than any other crash repairer in Australia and continue to be the number 1 choice when it comes to Subaru smash repairers in Adelaide. One thing we’ve come to know about Subaru owners is that a high level of importance is placed on quality. Good quality cars come from the most elite manufacturers who also value quality as a critical determining factor in how good their products are. This goes right through the entire manufacturing process- from the chassis, to the engine, bodywork and interior- everything is built to exceed the customers expectations. So we ask you, why should things be any different when it comes to repairing damage on your Subaru? Yes accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to go from driving a premium vehicle to something substandard- something that the manufacturers themselves would not allow to pass through a final inspection prior to sale. As an owner of such a high quality vehicle, you deserve better. You don’t want wind noise, rattles, scratches, paint work that doesn’t match, or any non-genuine parts on your car- that’s not why you chose to drive an Subaru! At Eblens, we know what our customers want in a quality vehicle repair and this is why ALL of our collision repairs entail the following:
  • We source genuine Subaru parts
  • Our technicians are specifically trained in all aspects of high tech repairs
  • Highly trained staff, skilled & experienced in repairing Subaru models
  • All repairs completed to manufacturer’s standard
  • Absolute focus on customer satisfaction
It’s heartbreaking when customers come to us with a near brand new vehicle, albeit a prestige one at that, with either minor or severe damage following a collision. If this has ever happened to you, trust us when we say that we know your pain. It’s our mission to ensure that you get back in your beloved car as soon as possible with minimal fuss and most importantly, that when you get back in your Subaru it will look, feel and drive the same way that it did before it was involved in a collision. It’s the quality of repair that’s so important in making this a reality- anything less and you could find yourself driving around in a bit of a lemon as opposed to a premium, prestige vehicle. Remember – it’s your car, it’s your choice. When it comes to hassle free, premium quality collision repairs, at Eblens, we’ll do it all for you!