Kangaroo Road Accidents On The Rise

Have you ever been involved in an accident involving wildlife before? Had a near miss with Australia’s iconic hopping marsupial?

You’re definitely not alone.

Nationwide we have seen an increase in road accidents involving wildlife, and in particular kangaroos. With populations of the common Grey Kangaroo exploding in areas where human population is also on the rise, it’s almost a mathematical certainty that this was going to happen.

Just this week we’ve received one of Germany’s flagship cars, the Mercedes Benz E Class, which had a run-in with Skippy the kangaroo. Whilst our 2 legged friend was tough enough to bound away after the accident, unfortunately this European beaut was left second best after the altercation. Fortunately the driver was unhurt. As for the Merc, we have the technology to rebuild and the team at Eblen Collision Repair will have it looking like new in just a short space of time.

It’s important for motorists to be aware of the risk of colliding with an animal, especially when travelling at high speeds outside Adelaide’s suburbs. Here are a few pointers if you’re hitting the country road in South Australia:


kangaroo road sign south australia
  • Don’t travel around dawn or dusk. Roos are on the move at these times
  • If you must drive at dawn or dusk, reduce speed and use additional caution
  • Never swerve off the road to avoid an animal- stay on the bitumen until you’ve slowed right down
  • Install an LED lightbar for brighter & wider vision at night
  • Install deterrents on your vehicle
  • If you’re frequently driving through the country, consider the use of a bull-bar or nudge bar
  • Pay close attention to warning signs, reduce speed in known areas of danger
  • Slow down if you spot wildlife to the side of the road- they may panic & run toward the path of your vehicle
  • Kangaroos usually move in packs- if you spot 1, slow down & be on the lookout for others

If the unfortunate does happen and you come into contact with a Kangaroo, or any other type of wildlife on the road, remember you’re not alone. We are here to help make things easier for you and get you back on track.It’s still the little things we do.

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