Huyundai Crash Repairs Adelaide

The rear end of this Hyundai is an example of a classic “blind spot” incident. We see collisions such as this on a regular basis and many of them could have been easily avoided with the use of either reversing sensors or cameras.

Modern vehicles are often factory fitted with these devices, but any vehicle can be fitted with an aftermarket camera at surprisingly affordable rates. Camera technology has dramatically reduced in cost and for a very small investment you can take all the guesswork out of reversing and ensure a pesky little prang like this doesn’t ruin your day.

The camera feature has several advatages:

  • vehicle is monitored whilst parked and unattended
  • easily view rear path of vehicle
  • quickly spot any approaching dangers- vehicles, pets, children
  • hook up trailers with ease, on your own

Chat to our team here at Eblen Collision to discuss having these features added to your vehicle. For the price of your excess, plus the inconvenience of being without your vehicle, it’s definitely an investment!